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The Voice of the Resource Industry of South Australia.

We Aim to Ensure the Profitable and Safe Use of Resources in South Australia _

Our services are centred around the promotion of safe resource use that ensures that all standards are applied and met. By doing so, we support the activities to achieve the economic objectives of the industry.

We ensure that the rights and obligations of people are protected in the course of mining. This makes for a safe and regulated use of resources that doesn’t compromise the needs and interests of communities.

We also promote education programs and career building strategies that help to develop the industry and make the mining sector to remain relevant in advancing solutions to the needs of SA.

Global Warming

Global warming is a problem that has been battling the world for several years. The world continues to see the effect of global warming on human lives and livelihoods. It results from the heating of the climate system of the Earth which has been noticeable since the 1850s. As a result of burning fossil fuels and human activities that contribute to the increase in the greenhouse gases, global warming has become a household name among the problems the world faces.

Environment & Sustainability

Sustainability is key to ensuring that the environment is kept safe and in good condition for those of the next generation. It is important to explore practices that keep the earth safe in order to have the earth in good shape to serve the needs of human beings. This will ensure that lives and livelihoods are safe and that the different species of animals are not wiped out as a result of global warming. The understanding of global warming and its effects influences …

Education Program

One of the most important ways to address the needs of the earth is through education of people on climate change. Education is a way to stimulate the interests of young minds in climate and global warming. This helps them understand the consequences of their actions and how they can better act to safeguard the earth. There is a need to deepen the understanding of resources and how people approach these resources. Human activities continue to be the greatest source of the problems affecting the climate, which in turn, affects the earth and its components. As such, it is expedient that people be educated on the importance of shaping their activities to suit this reality.

Industry Careers

Building careers is key to sustaining the industry. This ensures that people can hvbe a career path to trace to sustainably be relevant in the industry. Skills are crucial to the development of the sector. For a sector to continue advancing relevant solutions and remaining important in addressing the issues it seeks to address, it is important to have a structure that facilitates the training of the young ones. This makes for skills retention and ensures that those in industry have the requisite skill to address the gaps that the industry aims.

Our Partners

Working With Indigenous

There has been an increased mineral exploitation within the state. While this is good, it is necessary to consider the place of the indigenous peoples of the community. The use of land should consider them and definitely provide for a structure that safeguards their rights. Many pieces of land serving the purpose of resource exploitation are located in these communities. Exploring the lands without making recourse to the rights of the peoples will only create further problems and complications.


Development is crucial to the Resources Industry. There is a need to have skills and training that will continue to serve the needs of the industry. This is essential to ensure that the industry remains relevant and also stays evolving with the needs of the industry. One thing that is certain is that problems will arise and new issues will develop. When this happens, the most important thing is for the industry to develop with the issues and also devise new ways to tackle the problems more effectively.


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