The Voices of the Resources Industry in South Australia


Welcome to Resources SA. The Voice of the Resource Industry of South Australia.

We aim to ensure the profitable and safe use of resources in South Australia. Our services are centred around the promotion of safe resource use that ensures that all standards are applied and met. By doing so, we support the activities to achieve the economic objectives of the industry.

We ensure that the rights and obligations of people are protected in the course of mining. This makes for a safe and regulated use of resources that doesn’t compromise the needs and interests of communities.

We also promote education programs and career building strategies that help to develop the industry and make the mining sector to remain relevant in advancing solutions to the needs of SA.

Our Mission

To offer support to the need achievement of the objectives of SA’s mining sector and to promote safe and profitable use of resources.

Our Programs

We offer various programs through which we ensure the actualisation of our objectives.

Education Program

Through the education program, we ensure that children are stimulated to have interests in the mining sector, thereby fostering a population of people with a deft understanding and interest in a crucial sector. The program is fun and interactive, which makes it fit for children. It is an avenue that offers learning opportunities, but in a fun manner. This makes for development and helps to promote our objectives.


We are keen on the importance of providing frameworks that help people build their careers and find their voices in the mining industry. By offering skills and training, the industry can retain her experienced professionals, without risking losing them to other sectors. Through this way, the industry can also foster the development of young minds. This ensures that the sector continues to reverberate with ideas that will keep helping it drive solutions to solve the needs of the industry.


Achieving development has a lot to do with the level of inclusion a sector fosters. We lend support to the need to have more women in the mining industry. This makes for diversity and also gives women the boost they need to develop a career in this path. Therefore, there is the need for a constant evaluation to determine the level of inclusion afforded to the female workforce.