The Voices of the Resources Industry in South Australia

Education Program

Building An Educated Population

One of the most important ways to address the needs of the earth is through education of people on climate change. Education is a way to stimulate the interests of young minds in climate and global warming. This helps them understand the consequences of their actions and how they can better act to safeguard the earth. There is a need to deepen the understanding of resources and how people approach these resources. Human activities continue to be the greatest source of the problems affecting the climate, which in turn, affects the earth and its components. As such, it is expedient that people be educated on the importance of shaping their activities to suit this reality.

The education program is in the form of a treasure hunt to help primary school children learn more about the importance of resources and how climate change affects that. The hunt is an interactive process that takes place during the holidays to ensure that school children can engage with important matters in a way that is fun and easy to understand. The program is designed for children and their parents and it is designed in such a way that it fits the realities of the children and ensures that the children can make the most out of the program. The children learn, but in a fun and interactive way that makes the learning interesting.

The program changes location per edition. The locations are often impressive places that can satisfy the curiosity of the children. It can be a university environment or some other school environment. This helps to serve the inquiring minds of the children and give them an avenue to learn more about the important issues of the world. Each participant is presented with a goodie bag containing the things they need. After the hunt, the participants get to win prizes to further reward their effort, make the process interesting, and also keep their interest stimulated. The treasure hunt is a key program of the organisation through which the organisation continues to foster its objective on the sustainable use of resources.

Children get to learn the answers to various questions during this program. This includes knowing the meaning of resources and how resources are best used. It also demonstrates to the children the necessity of understanding the world around them. This helps to improve their cognitive skills and sense of awareness. The best way to stimulate the interests of people in climate change issues is by doing so at their fundamental stages, so that they can carry the values on. This helps to build a society of environmentally aware people who have due regard for a safe and secure environment.

Children can be registered for the treasure hunt, so they can participate.