The Voices of the Resources Industry in South Australia

Environment & Sustainability

Sustaining The Environment

Sustainability is key to ensuring that the environment is kept safe and in good condition for those of the next generation. It is important to explore practices that keep the earth safe in order to have the earth in good shape to serve the needs of human beings. This will ensure that lives and livelihoods are safe and that the different species of animals are not wiped out as a result of global warming. The understanding of global warming and its effects influences the kinds of policies and practices that should be adopted to solve the problem. Clearly, to address the issue of global warming, there is the need to introduce sustainability into the use of the environment.

The resources industry has taken it upon itself to devise strategies and practices that can best serve the needs of sustainability and ensure that the earth is used in a way that helps its preservation. The aim of the industry is to take environmental issues serious even far beyond the scope of the regulatory procedures. Regulations can do a lot with preventing people from certain human activities that contribute to global warming. However, with the way level of seriousness the resources industry is investing into environmental issues, the results expected can even be tripled.

The South Australian Industry aims to foster effective policies that will serve the needs of conservation. By doing so, the industry aims to be at the forefront of advancing solutions that other states can adopt to become more compliant and also contribute to the sustainability of the earth. Considerable efforts are being made across several areas including resources management, native vegetation, rehabilitation, and heritage issues. These are key areas through which the environment can be sustainably used without compromising the earth and its components. With adequate use of technology, the best practices can be devised to serve the needs of the earth.

The Energy Policy

This initiative is being championed by SACOME. It is a strategic energy policy to address the effects of climate change. The initiative aligns with the plan of the South Australian Resources Industry. The aim is to ensure the delivery of safe and secure forms of energy, which can be used to ensure a reduction in the levels of fossil fuels. This will greatly impact the environment and help put it in a better place. The initiative is built on a strategic framework that helps to chart the way for a better use of energy. This will serve as a viable way to meet the energy needs of Australia for over a long period of time.

The policy is strengthened by the collaboration embraced by the working group. Due to the broad membership of the resources sector, it has the ability to influence energy decisions on the industry, which puts the sector in a great place to achieve the objectives of the energy policy. Representatives of the working group cut across various important companies such as gas, coal, and uranium.