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Global Warming

Understanding Global Warming

Global warming is a problem that has been battling the world for several years. The world continues to see the effect of global warming on human lives and livelihoods. It results from the heating of the climate system of the Earth which has been noticeable since the 1850s. As a result of burning fossil fuels and human activities that contribute to the increase in the greenhouse gases, global warming has become a household name among the problems the world faces.

The pre-industrial period marked the time when the effects of global warming started becoming noticeable. Ever since this period, human activities have been said to have contributed nothing less than one degree celsius in increasing the temperature of the Earth. This continues to increase by about 0.2 degrees celsius every decade. The effects of global warming is becoming unprecedented. This makes it important to develop policies and strategies to help tackle the problem. Global warming not only affects human lives, but also plants and animals. There are plants getting wiped out of existence due to the effects of global warming on their food chain and reproduction system.

Understanding Climate Change

Climate change is the continued change that has happened to the weather, which has gradually changed the pattern of the weather. Several effects of these changes have been found on humans and the earth itself. The causes of climate change are linked to human activities, which continue to indiscriminately use the earth and contribute gases to the ozone layer. Burning of fossil fuels is at the forefront of these causes, and this is responsible for the drive behind the need to transit from the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Scientists continue to deploy technology and several strategies to examine the effects of climate change in the past and in the future. This helps to understand the level of damage that has been done and the appropriate plans that need to be put in place to address the problems caused by climate change. The indicators of climate change remain rising sea levels, rise in the temperature of the land and ocean, frequent severe weather conditions such as floods, precipitations, wildfires, heatwaves, and changes in vegetation covers.

Tackling global warming requires strategies and the adoption of the right energy culture. Problems do not just go out of their volition. If global warming has been caused by human activities, it is only right that human activities are needed to also tackle it. Governments and concerned organisations are expected to develop policies and plans that can help tackle global warming. The government should begin deploying more strategies to help the transition into renewable energy. By making renewable energy more affordable, the government can begin to enforce regulations to prevent the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels.

You can also contribute to this process by reducing the level at which you pollute the air with carbon. Ensure to use appliances that are energy compliant, try as much as possible to conserve energy, and also reduce the rate at which you burn fossil fuels.