The Voices of the Resources Industry in South Australia

Industry Careers

Building A Sustainable Career

Building careers is key to sustaining the industry. This ensures that people can have a career path to trace to sustainably be relevant in the industry. Skills are crucial to the development of the sector. For a sector to continue advancing relevant solutions and remaining important in addressing the issues it seeks to address, it is important to have a structure that facilitates the training of the young ones. This makes for skills retention and ensures that those in industry have the requisite skill to address the gaps that the industry aims.

The mining sector is important to the economic future of South Australia. This is one industry that is in charge of resources and determines the best use of the resources. This makes the industry essential to development and relevant to revenue generation. The way resources are treated goes a long way in determining the values of the resources and their market-appeal. This makes the mining sector an expedient one. Therefore, it is necessary to have a model for skill retention. This ensures that the sector never lacks enough experienced individuals that will continue to drive solutions and achieve the best outcomes to suit the economic narrative of South Australia.

To this end, the Geoscientist Assistance Program is established. The program results from the collaboration between the South African Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) and The Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE). The program is in response to the use of mineral resources and the importance of keeping the sector alive to ensure that its place in economic development is not compromised. The program aims to offer graduates with quality experience that will help them secure their place in the mining industry. With this program, graduates can acquire requisite skills and also have the assurance for a more stable career prospects, which is not threatened by uncertainties.

The program not only aims to help graduates secure jobs, but also train them for the future and ensure that they continue to match the needs of the future of work. It equips the graduates with skills that are relevant to advancing solutions and building these graduates into forces to be reckoned with in the nearest future. With this level of training and investments, the sector doesn’t lose its workers to other sectors. This makes the sector fertile with crucial ideas that can help to drive growth and take the sector to a greater place.

Among many other things, the program aims to do the following:

One of the objectives of the program is to ensure that the sector no longer loses experienced workers to other sectors. This ensures that the sector is able to reap the fruits it plants.

The program also helps to maintain and diversify the skill base of the sector. It ensures that the sector is filled with different people with different relevant and in-demand skills.

The program also offers salary subsidies for GAO participants, which helps these graduates build a more sustainable career.