The Voices of the Resources Industry in South Australia


Women Inclusion Is Essential

Development is crucial to the Resources Industry. There is a need to have skills and training that will continue to serve the needs of the industry. This is essential to ensure that the industry remains relevant and also stays evolving with the needs of the industry. One thing that is certain is that problems will arise and new issues will develop. When this happens, the most important thing is for the industry to develop with the issues and also devise new ways to tackle the problems more effectively. This will ensure that the economic generation of the country from this sector is not compromised. That way, the country can continue having the sector as one of the most important ones.

One of the necessary ways to foster development is through diversity. There is a need to welcome more women into the mining sector. The hallmark of any developing sector is how much inclusion the sector fosters. The mining industry has to embrace diversity by proving frameworks that allow for the participation of women. This helps to secure the roles of women in the mining industry and also helps to deepen the careers of the existing ones. Achieving inclusion can be achieved through key policies that will serve the needs of the industry. This is why there have been surveys to determine the level of women inclusion the country has in the mining sector.

The survey was developed to evaluate the female workforce in the mining industry to determine if diversity is genuinely fostered. SACOME understands the importance of an effective female workforce in the mining sector, as that makes for development and also ensures people can have a career in the mining sector irrespective of their gender. Several arguments already suggest the need for inclusion, as it is a way to open the minds of other people looking to kickstart a career in the mining industry. Upon the analysis of the survey, it was found that there has been a noticeable level of decline in the number of women in the mining sector over the years.

This demonstrated the need to improve on the commitment to get more women into the mining sector. There is a need to develop more frameworks that can deliver results over a period of time. It is one thing to display commitment towards the inclusion of women and it is another to put in place structures that will ensure these objectives are met. Development is key to the sustenance of the industry and it is important that the mining sector will begin to align itself with the practices relevant to the global contexts.