The Voices of the Resources Industry in South Australia

Working with Indigenous

Involving Indigenous Peoples

There has been an increased mineral exploitation within the state. While this is good, it is necessary to consider the place of the indigenous peoples of the community. The use of land should consider them and definitely provide for a structure that safeguards their rights. Many pieces of land serving the purpose of resource exploitation are located in these communities. Exploring the lands without making recourse to the rights of the peoples will only create further problems and complications. This makes it important to ensure that the rights of the peoples are adequately protected and that they are offered due compensation where it’s necessary.

To ensure that this is achieved, there was the introduction of the State Government Initiative that negotiates Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs). This initiative guides the exploration that happens within the state and ensures that all rights are duly protected and all interests duly represented. the Aboriginal people must have the access to the enjoyment of their lands. There has to be effective communication channels that notify the people where these rights may be affected, the reasons for the trampling, and the ways in which their rights will be protected. This fosters a more secure community, where the rights of people cannot just be hindered without solutions.

By protecting the rights of the communities, these agreements have a structure that ensure they contribute greatly to the communities. They bring significant benefits that improve the lives of the people across various areas. They contribute towards improving the benefits that are under the existing structures in the communities, they improve the peoples’ access to land, and they increase the level of benefits that a community derives when there is a resource discovery on their land. These accrues to the revenue generated by the community, which helps to greatly improve community building, and put the community in a better shape for the future.

The improved benefits will not only lead to more cash flow for the community, but also generate more job opportunities for the community. In fact, it leads to an enabling environment to create more entrepreneurs that can help the community grow. This gives the avenue for people to test out their ideas and attempt to fill the gaps in the community. The agreements are always negotiated beforehand, such that all the necessary factors are contemplated and no detail is left behind. This considers the costs, obligations, rights, and expectations of each party. It provides a structure that ensures the obligations are duly performed and the rights are well-protected.

To ensure that the change is long-lasting and the benefits of the agreements serve the community, the industry works closely with both government and NGOs to ensure that the change effected in the community is sustainable and cuts across everyone. There is a need for that structure that ensures the change the community witnesses lasts for long and is useful to the growth of the community. This necessitates the need for a collaborative effort to attend to these needs.